Monday, December 1, 2008

Things are not so bad in Bombay

If you asked Raosaheb Ramchandra Patil, better known as R.R.Patil - the Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister of Maharashtra. As he pointed out, only a couple of hundreds died when the terrorists had come with a plan to kill 5000 people (though I am very keen to understand who gave him this figure).

As you might have heard, 'Bade Bade Shehro mein aisi Chhoti Chhoti Cheezein to hoti rehti hain, Senorita' (such small incidents happen in large cities). No, that is not Shah Rukh Khan serenading Kajol, that is RR Patil explaining why he does not see any reason to resign.

Vilasrao Deshmukh, our dynamic Chief Minister, on the other hand, is upset that RR Patil took away the lovely movie dialogue, so he takes along his film actor-son Riteish Deshmukh along with film-maker Ram Gopal Varma to the site of the Taj - what was the deal, I give you access for 'inspiration' and you give my son the lead actor role? But Vilasrao has a valid explanation - he keeps attending all the film functions of Bollywood, is he not morally bound to return the invitation once in a while? And, see, since he is so considerate, he did not even throw a full party - just RGV and his Riteish-Baba. What harm can 2 more people going on a terror-tourism jaunt do?

Shivraj Patil calls it a day, it is anyway tough doing this job when a man is not allowed to change his dapper suits even 3 times a day in peace.

Man Mohan Singh also breathes easy, since the media and public have decided the Mouse in the country is Raj Thakre, hiding in Shivaji Park, when the very communities he derided and targetted, liberated Bombay. But Man Mohan need not worry, he does have a 'Man'- in his name atleast - if not in action.

Narendra Modi wonders what he needs to do right - when all the money he is offering is being rejected by the slain ATS Chief's family? And wonders whether it had anything to do with the vitriolic criticism of Karkare when he was pursuing the Malegaon blasts.

Bal & Uddhav-baba Thakre are glad that Raj has been put in his place, and Raj wonders how many Marathis died in the blasts, and could he make an issue out of it? If not now, maybe a little later?

L.K. Advani wonders what new to say - or should I become like Vajpayee and act like I am thinking, with those deep pauses? I anyway have nothing new to say, might as well look like I have (finally) started thinking.

Sonia Gandhi is ofcourse wondering if RR Patil was referring to her when he said 'Senorita' (or didn't he?), and does that imply he might come over to the Congress, so she can teach a lesson to Sharad Pawar? But wait, with elections in Maharashtra next year, does it not make sense to get Raj Thakre revived again - Mama Mia, these blasts did happen at a completely wrong time!

So RR wonders if any more dance bars are open, Raj wonders if there are any more North Indians coming to Bombay, Ramadoss wonders if anyone is smoking in Bombay anymore, Bal & Uddhav-baba wonder if anyone dislikes Wada-pavs in Bombay, Modi-Advani wonder if they can milk the Bombay blasts to capture India, and Vilasrao wonders if Ritesh-baba will ever succeed in Bollywood.

As I said, things are kinda back to what they were before the blasts. In fact, nothing has changed. They have been this way, they will remain this way.

Because, we get the leaders we deserve. Because we do not demand accountability. We do not demand action. We do not deserve governance.

But there is, just that little bit of hope:

- Major Unnikrishnan's father refusing to meet any 'mad dog' politicians
- ATS Chief's family refusing compensation from Modi
- The public outcry against the corrupt and inefficient politicians

And maybe, just maybe, there is a glimmer of hope still?

*Note: The thoughts of politicians described in the passage above are sheer imagination (or are they?)



Rahul in party mood soon after Mumbai crisis

'The Prince partied hard, till 5 in the morning, on Sunday at the ‘sangeet’ for the forthcoming wedding of Samir Sharma, his childhood friend. They were at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives beyond Chhatarpur.'



manju said...

Does It Matter- The politicians will never change. After all, they have had a lifetime of practice of behaving as they do.:)

It is up to us to change. It is up to us to shed our apathy and look around at what is happening.

It is true we get the leaders we deserve, but if we vote with our eyes open and our minds enquiring, we will get the leaders we need.

And we should also do our part. We should look beyond petty individual gains and put our country first.

Jimmy said...

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umm oviya said...

so true... not a single politician has even attempted to redeem himself. seriously, what choice do we have? we have to elect someone...

Does it matter said...

@ Manju
I agree with what you say, but have a different take on it too..
When the entire system is so polluted, and everyone is dirty & corrupt, who will you vote for?

Since you are from Mumbai, let me ask you. Name one party, or 10 individuals, who you think are clean, efficient, non-corrupt, and without a hidden casteist, communal, regional, linguistic agenda.

I am able to think of only the Juhu corporator, independent, Adolf. Any others I am unaware of?

Does it matter said...

@ Umm Oviya

Unfortunately one of these lot will get elected, yes. But if there is a better option at the local level we need to support them (irrespective of their party/ independent status).. Unfortunately, some independents also become 'purchasable' after they are elected.

manju said...

Does it matter- What you say is true, that most candidates are corrupt. Since we do not have much choice, we have to vote for the candidate who is least corrupt/ most capable.

However, there is one thing that we can do.

After the elections are over and the new govt. is formed, we should not just forget about it.

Political parties bring out manifestos before elections. they make specific promises to resolve specific issues.

After the election, we must see that these promises are kept. We must mobilise citizens' initiatives to remind them of these promises and make the govt. act upon them.

In short, we must stay alert even after the elections are over.

Indian Home Maker said...

Brilliantly put DIM :))) Had me laughing bitterly.
I think this is the time to wake up (Jago Re)and VOTE if we don't find anyone worth voting then we must have the right to vote for None Of The Above.

Does it matter said...

@ Manju
Yes, probably the one way to keep them on their toes.
But, if you have even seen how a corporator election works, and the amount of money post election, (forget MLAs and MP), the futility of trying to keep them on their toes would be pretty obvious.
4.5 years to make money, and last 6 months on election campaigning.


Yes, but would the No vote make any difference to them. The slums, their vote banks are all intact. And so are their weapons - religion, caste, language, money, bottle. Do they care even if 20% or more vote for NO VOTE ?
Unless we have, for example, a condition where it is mandatory for a candidate to have atleast 40-45% of the total votes, else the constituency goes into an equivalent of a President's Rule?

Indian Home Maker said...

I am sure all the details can be worked out, and fought for. It will not be a perfect system, but it will dramatically strengthen us.

Trailblazer said...

Nice. I'm sure your imagination is actually reality and this is what is going on in the minds of all politicians you mentioned.

Add Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai to your list - and their thoughts on the lines of

Trailblazer said...

Nice. I'm sure your imagination is actually reality and this is what is going on in the minds of all politicians you mentioned.

Add Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai to your list - and their thoughts on the lines of

Meanwhile those things of hope you mentioned are spot on. Thank God, there are Indian families that reject the offers of politicians and mediapersons, who themselves are responsible for the plight today.

N said...

i think we need to be more responsible. ur right, we never demanded for accountability. infact we are suprised when the system does what its supposed to. we are the first ones to slip money to the cop to get out of something "petty". it starts small .......

ps - well written. as usual.

Does it matter said...

Yes, better than now, for sure.

@ Trailblazer
Oh yes, the media keeps stooping to newer and lower depths every day. Every time you believe they can go no lower, they prove you wrong.

Does it matter said...

@ N

Yes, so very true.
Yrs truly is guilty of the same as well :-(

Anrosh said...

we had a laugh reading this but there is terror waiting around the corner .. it is so scary that you cannot laugh anymore

Does it matter said...

@ Anrosh
Yes there is terror everywhere. And hopefully the mass outcry and public protests will galvanise our govt and admn into atleast some positive action.

sunder said...

Reg RR Patil comments..In India that is the value of human life..In a road accident, 100s willw atch..few will take action..

You say our politicians are corrupt..i say we Indians are corrupt....

Do you think people working in corporates are not corrupt? or take a simple many of us claim a/c fare from company eventhough we travel by ordinary mant claim bogus LTC....

So no point blaming politicians alone..we Indians have to take the blame as a whole..

wordjunkie said...

I can't believe I missed reading this post tillnow. Made me smile, and made me sad.
There have beens several discussions on using our votes (or rather, NO Votes)to shake politicians out of their lethargy. But I still think, it's better to vote for one person and ensure, through active voicing of yr opinion, that he does his job.