Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What an Indian Banker might be feeling right now

Was it my fault?

- That I was not born in the United States of America
- That I did not even study there, despite all the options - the GREs , GMATs & the TOEFLs ?
- That I did not even try for the H1B ?

So that, I could have, maybe, joined that large American Bank

- And, maybe, I could have been taking decisions worth Millions and Billions of $$$
- Impacting the lives of millions of people
- And taking all the risks my conservative Indian Bank cannot
- Which the stupid Indian Government does not allow me to
- Taking all the risks and the thrill of moving all that money

Why, oh why, did not I go there when I could have?


- What if I had lost my job?
Ah, but I would have got my golden handshake.

- And what if my Bank had crashed because of my risk taking?
Ah, the US Government would take care of that.

The US government’s commitments to contain the financial crisis now approach $7 trillion.

And what if the US Government had not offered the bailout?

Hey, $7 trillion is still big money - I would still have got $25000 (per U.S. resident)!!

No, you say? Why? What would have happened to the $7 trillion then, I ask?

- Oh, you say the money does not actually exist, huh?
- So where is it coming from? I mean, whose money is it actually?
- Oh, they just print the money, and that causes inflation?
- And China keeps buying the US debt so the $ doesn't get devalued and they can keep selling them more stuff?

Hey, what do I care, as long as I can keep my job, my house, my bonuses, and my vacations!

And, here I am, driving (stuck, actually) in the mad Mumbai traffic, trying to keep my job, and not knowing whether it is wise to go on a vacation in these bad times...

So, why am I mad?
Because, damn it all, I did not even get to have any fun, yet I am the one in the mess!!!

(Disclaimer: The author's understanding of the economy, the meltdown crisis and its reasons, and the bailout plan is extremely limited. As is, I suspect, that of most Bankers!)


Meira said...

All sectors are facing the ripples! Damn!
All sectors, except the astrologers and lawyers!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL :) Was going to ask what choice did the US have?
The disclaimer applies to me also...

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the store with a brand new 36"x48" dry-erase board and some markers. I will be drawing out how money works and will be submitting it in web form for your viewing pleasure as soon as possible. Help is on the way. We will get through this. Keep kicking butt in India. I will hold it down in the US. :)

Ajit said...

LOL, good one....
and today mad mumbai has just turned into "insane mumbai" with all the terrorists.....
and yes, maybe in your list, you also add another thing..
"trying to stay alive"!!!!

rain girl said...

shouldn't u update? are you ok? alive?

umm oviya said...

hahahaha!!!!!! seriously. i don't understand much of this, except greed. in some part of my mind i'm happy i'm not in the sector, and so saved from a hit. and another part of me is unhappy that i didn't get a slice of the greed!

gypsy said...

Matter, hope you are safe and sound.

How do we know said...

ha ha ha .. u really have hit the nail on the head with that last one... how come the bankers are going sooo unpunished?

Does it matter said...

@ raingirl
yes am alive, and many thanks for the concern.

Unable to log on for various reasons, related to the sad events of the past day plus.

and since am typing this on my hand phone, need to keep it short.

@ All in Mumbai and outside
hope all of you, and your near and dear ones are safe..
Hoping for sanity and peace to prevail, and be given a chance..

Red Soul said...

nice post. i love the disclaimer in the end :P cute.

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