Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We are blessed

We are so blessed to have 2 parties, the great Congress and the dynamic NCP to serve us.

They are so keen to serve us the people, that they are not able to decide, days after the election results are announced, how many ministers each will have to serve us.

They - Sonia, Sharad, Ashok, Vilasrao, Chhagan, Narayan - and even the babalog - Supriya, Nilesh, Milind, and many other assorted babies of all sizes shapes and ideologies - all line up for a share of the responsibility of serving us the people.

So much so that even the governor is concerned why the 2 parties are so keen to serve the people that they have not yet formed a government yet.

And no cynicism please; all this is only to serve you the common man and woman. They are so keen to do the job properly, and don't want to leave it to chance - or to their alliance partner either.

Life could never have been better. Well it could have - if only, I could have migrated to Australia before they took out their daggers. And, to the US, but the H1B has dried up too.

Bombay - I land up staying here. I know I know, I don't deserve you, and you don't deserve the ones who stay here either.


sunder said...

hey the first achievement of NCP - Congress combine is, they have made you to come back to blogging world...

Indian Home Maker said...

Ha ha :) Sunder has expressed exactly what came to my mind. Good to see you back :)

gypsy said...

Nice to see you back after a long time..Now, don't do the vanishing act again!!

Does it matter said...

@ Sunder, IHM, Gypsy,

Thanks for your thoughts. My take on it - the world: real, virtual - is not necessarily a nice place to be in... so does it really matter if one decides to return / stay away.

And its such an over-crowded world that so often one really wonders if being in the world is contributing anything other than chaos, crowd & resource-depletion.. and whether being out of it might be better than being in? Both virtual and real..

But that could be the topic of another blog...

Anyway, thanks for dropping by! And, sorry that I am not in the frame of mind to return the favour - I have tried though, thats something I can say honestly!