Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogging without inhibition

Though really, what is a blog but ramblings of one's thoughts, not necessarily structured / organised, but channelised nevertheless into a medium that allows anyone and everyone to look deep into your mind, and comment - irrespective of whether one understands the other's view points or not?

But, is that not true for real world life itself.. Do people not, even without considering the sensitivities of the other person, comment to one's face or behind one's back of things, thoughts and opinions that would really hurt the other?

The only super advantage of a blog - the complete mask of anonymity or even a different identity itself. Well, I for one, at this point of time atleast, am keen to make good use of this advantage!

Bye for now.


N said...

:) and thats how Ramblings happened.

like your blog. simple. to the point. relevant.

Does it matter said...

@ N
Yes, :-)
I noticed your blog heading and remembered my post.

Thank you, though it is early days yet.

Don't even know if the enthusiasm will continue!! You know how it is, over time. Lets see.