Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics, Economy, Poverty, Growth & Happiness

These are some of the important things that affect your and my life, but how often do we really think about them. and even if we do think about them, what do we really do to contribute anything to the nation.

Are we, the Indian educated middle class too caught up in "I, Me, Myself" to really bother about what is happening around us. Are we going to the dogs?

Just compare the goings-on in India to those in the US Presidential Election - the quality & topic of debates is excellent touching just about everyone's life. Yes, race & gender have and will remain an issue, but prima facie, the decisions are being taken on the basis of issues, debates & policies.

When will the Indian electorate mature to the level where we elect our leaders on criteria other than caste, religion, region, language, age or gender; or, on the promise of a grand dinner + booze party; or, on the basis of hard cash.

When will we learn to not tolerate corrupt politicians who hold the country to ransom, remain in office even when they are found with unaccounted cash (ofcourse given as gifts).

What does the nation expect from us? What do we do? How do we - the so called educated - bring about the change that we want to see..

Thoughts, questions, but very few pointers to the right answers.

Maybe the first step could be to look beyond our narrow vision - of oneself, one's immediate family and friends. Can we even think of considering the entire community as our family - without the confines of religion/ caste/ language for sure - since thats the only extended family we ever encounter.

Will we ever be different?

Will our nation change because of our efforts? It surely deserves better; but are we equipped to be the change that we wish it to be...

I don't really know. Or maybe I don't want to answer since I (and you) might not like the answer.


rain girl said...

agree with you. A few days back, I was reading a debate on Barack Obama's nationality, and was impressed by the fact that so many people were bothered by the fact that he was lying, and were saying, very openly, that they won't vote for him if he's a liar.
Here we have politicians who have been accused of corruption, murder, and god knows what else. still, they are elected (by hook or cook) and re-elected..
and like always, this question nags us..what can we do? we have responsibility...we are educated, intelligent and the least we can do for our country is to vote for a leader who's good. Who's better than others.

but then again, are there any good leaders left?

Does it matter said...

Yes, absolutely the same.

The recent campaign on TV by a Tea brand (jaagore - an interesting concept, a cuppa tea is what you have when you wake up, as well :)) is nice to see & hear. But where are the real candidates.

If the only choice we have is between a super crook versus a newly-aspiring-to-be-one crook, how does it matter.

And that is when some of the citizen initiatives like the ones taken by the newly elected corporator at Juhu Mumbai (Adolf?) comes across as a whiff of fresh air. But are there more of such folks around...?

And do I really want to be the change that I want to see? No - I am too caught up in my daily life (and selfish too, admit) to leave it all and jump into the dirty pool..

As they say, we get the leaders we deserve.

Indian Home Maker said...

I was just admiring Sarah Palin's brilliant remarks on abortion and gay rights....(on You Tube)

We will take our own time but I think we are progressing. I think Sangh Parivar and Sarah Palin have more than their initials in common :)

Does it matter said...

@ Home maker
Frankly, while we may hate Sarah Palin for her views, and limited knowledge, etc., I still feel it is still a better situation than what we will face, come 2009. The quality of the debates are good,they do discuss the economy, tax cuts, how it impacts the common man (and uncommon folks like Joe the plumber!), and so on.
I have not yet made up my mind about SP, is she really the dumb bimbo she is made out to be, or is it a front she uses to get her fan following & votes.
Sexuality is as much a weapon as intellect, and sometimes more powerful..