Friday, October 24, 2008


(No, not Toes Go in First !)

Do you, too, look forward to the weekend ?
Like I do.

So, is this love for weekends, a sign of how much I enjoy the fun I have?

Or, is it a sign of how much a misfit I am, in my life every weekday?

Will I ever say TGIM ?!

Do you?


wordjunkie said...

I also say, ODGISA (Oh Dear God, it's Sunday already!!)
Who are these people who like Mondays, return to yr planet right now, alien scum.

Does it matter said...

@ wordjunkie
ODGISA is a new one for me, though the feeling isn't!

Just call me 'A' said...
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Just call me 'A' said...

no no no you are not a misfit. yes yes yes, we all say TGIF and you'll say it again ;).
I look forward to a Friday on a Monday morning :), how's that!! helps me get through the week.

btw, thank You for all your comments. loved everyone of them esp the poem :). have replied to some. and a'bad is ahmedabad :D

Does it matter said...

@ A
I guess you can call yourself an optimist then. I am too busy mondays brooding over the 'end of the weekend' (?). Generally start looking forward to Fri, from wednesday onwards..!!

Thank you, and read yr comments as well.

N said...

:) i havent met anyone yet who says TGIM. i hit this depression everytime sunday evening rolls in. and its not even that i dont like my work (most of the time, thats true) but everytime friday comes around i look grateful upward towards the Almighty!

How do we know said...

oh, u wld be a misfit if u did not believe in TGIF.

Does it matter said...

@ N
@ How do we know

Oh so I am not alone!!
And yes, how do we all feel today, Monday morning..?
Especially the unfortunate ones like Yours Truly, for whom this is not a Diwali break :-(

Red Soul said...

hah! sure a misfit for the weekdays :D same pinch ;)

rain girl said...

umm i don't. i love all days equally. :)

Does it matter said...

@ red soul

@ raingirl
Amazing. I was sure someone would love all days ...
Life must be one breezy weekend for you (?)

rain girl said...

yes, life is :)

Meira said...

lol! Same story...different expressions :)
Nice blog

Does it matter said...

@ Meira
Yes :)
Welcome here!