Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life is a B*tch

In these heavy times of political drama, here is a thought that comes to mind seeing the promos of the Yashraj movie, Roadside Romeo.

For the uninformed this is an animation movie, probably targetted as much towards adults as to children. The protagonist is a dog, dubbed by Junior Nawab Pataudi, and his heroine is a er, female dog, dubbed by the favourite actress of the studio stable.

And what comes to mind looking at the promos is - Is this the value system one wishes to show to kids of today (because, unless you have the film rated 'A', no kid is going to pass over the movie; animated as it is by Walt Disney).

Some of the few messages I got seeing their promos:
- It is great to be rich, stinkingly rich
- Stay in a huge mansion with those long cars, and snigger at the stray dogs gazing longingly at your luxury
- Kick your butler after he serves you breakfast (human, small mercy that)
- Then - since you are rich - you wil have a few er, female dogs, ready to dance along with you. You can do that, it is fine.
- One day though, you see the heroine crooning away at a night club, and the hero falls for her. You see you need extra sex appeal to snare the rich brat, obviously.

If these are messages picked up by my (perceptive but cynical ;-)) mind from a 2 min promo, what exactly will the great entire movie pass on to our kids ?

But hey wait, Neal n Nikki was a family movie according to Yash raj. So I am sure we will have some great moral of the story learning coming in here as well.

Won't we ?


Just call me 'A' said...

HA! if Neal n Nikki was a family movie, then Yash Raj should seriously go back to kindergarden to relearn the defination. :D


Does it matter said...

@ A
Ofcourse NnN is probably a watershed movie in hindi cinema, probably the first/ only movie with the heroine appearing most of the movie in a bikini top..
I though am thoroughly confused why it flopped.

Just call me 'A' said...

i guess people could not digest the 'hero' (what's his name again?) wearing lipstick :D

PS: correction to 'defination' as 'definition' above :D

Does it matter said...

@ A
The 'hero' (as you put him) was the son of the producer. Do you need anything more. Check out the entire film industry heroes today, 75% of them seem to be from the industry! Nepotism/ cartelisation ??

And that is why I admire Shah Rukh and even Himesh - they have made it against all odds.

Indian Home Maker said...

Haven't seen N & N , no plans to see this one, but I am a Shahrukh fan too :) I can never like a star without liking them as people too. Shahrukh Khan is one decent, guy next door kind of person. No extra marital affairs either :))

Does it matter said...

Glad to say, even I 'missed' N-n-N. But heard enough about it..

I guess my reason for liking SRK was a little different (though I admire the no affairs part too) - it is about being able to succeed against odds in an industry where the heroes are all from the industry in some way or the other. Whether the hero of N&N, or the Big B's baby, or the perennially-in-trouble Superstar, or the Criminal-who-is-not-a-terrorist, or the Dancing-star, or Tom, Dick or Harry... they are all there on the basis their tugging along their Papa's / Mama's apron strings. And thats what I dislike about the industry, it is not open enough to outsiders..

Disclaimer: I have not aspired to, nor intend to in future, be part of the film industry !!

Indian Home Maker said...

I admire the way he made it on his own also :)

Does it matter said...



Gazal said...

neal and nikki...

was 'A' family movie...

seriously Yash Raj has lost it offlate....

wordjunkie said...

Yes, saw the promo and was quite horrified myself... :<

Isn't the film industry opening up to outsiders now, more than ever? Well, models, at any rate...

Does it matter said...

@ Gazal
Yes, 'A' for sure.

@ wordjunkie
Yes maybe, atleast for the second grade banners, a Mahesh Bhatt for example. The top ones seem to be more a closed community, & almost as gross as inbreeding..

Red Soul said...

wow u didnt even take kareena's name in this post! lol :D u hate her so much :P

Does it matter said...

@Red soul
Frankly, never thought of Ms Kapoor, though I guess it applies to her as well (and her sis)

But seriously in our film industry, don't most movies ride completely on the 'hero', and the 'heroine' completely a show piece to either sing/ dance, or seduce/ charm the hero.. Where are the real actresses other than a few ?

N said...

:) there is a risk of repetition here, coz so many above have said what i was thinking when i read your post. i had this discussion with my sis when she asked if her 5-year old should watch certain movies. i dont get cinema in our country at all.

thanks for stopping by and commenting. also, for your concern :) i saw that perv a couple of times again at the park :) once he crossed on to the other side of the track to avoid me. so im guessing one down! million more to go......

Does it matter said...

@ N
Thanks for visiting & yr comments, and good to hear about the perv.. !

Optimistically speaking, million is a small number, a small fraction of 1% of the population of men of the country..! Seriously,though, it does need stronger law enforcement and social awareness within our people to recognise this for the seriousness of the crime it is.