Thursday, October 23, 2008


My friend smiled
The smile had sadness in the eyes
Moist but warm
They pierced through my heart
And it hurt to see a friend sad thus
I longed to be able
To wipe those tears
And to see a smile
All I could manage was
To show a mirror
Where the tears became mine
And my sadness was all that was visible
I think I am a friend

(For someone who needs to smile more often; because when that happens, the world smiles as well)


Red Soul said...

ur blog is so awesome because its so honest :) i luv the way u express even ur vanities :P

Does it matter said...

@ Red soul

Thanks for your comments, and for visiting my blog as well. :)
On the other hand, this is a little like the trick interview question - 'What are you weaknesses?'.
And the politically correct answer to that are 'bad' qualities like over-exertion, one-track focus on targets, no time for work-life balance and all such!

I wonder whether my 'honesty' (as you so kindly call it), is really that, or is it also the result of just putting forth some of the things I *wanted* to put up, hiding the rest.

I don't know, I hope not.. But am I sure?

gypsy said...

If words were flowers, this would have been one really beautiful bouquet!

Gazal said...

when its difficult to smile..its good to have friend who can remind and show you how...

beautiful lines

Does it matter said...

@ gypsy
fragrance lies in the 'nose of the smeller' (?) - does not quite sound right does it..

@ Gazal
Yes, true; and thank you