Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good & Evil

So, here is Diwali, at a time the global economy and the Sensex have both gone through a Diwalaa of a time.

When every rocket reminds you of the meteoric rise of the Sensex in the last year or few.

When every bomb reminds you that some companies, and many jobs, might sink even without a whimper.

When the ground wheel is not the only one caught up in circles.

When the sparkler looks like the only one shining.

Where the government will take all efforts to ensure that the rich will continue to be able to celebrate the triumph of good over evil; to let us all have a lovely festival time.

Where the street urchins look longingly at the vulgar display of wealth by the Affluent, blasting off all their worries and troubles.

When I wait for the day when, enough will be enough, and the less privileged will break open our car windows, enter our homes, take our belongings.

Because, they will say, it is now our time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Till then, have a rocking diwali !


Red Soul said...

:| yah. happy diwali.

N said...

i dont get crackers. i just dont. why do our festivals have to be sooooo destrucive? they cut trees to hang "torans" at their doors. and then pollute the air. argh.


happy diwali.

Just call me 'A' said...

heyyyyyy (lower lip pout, blikking eyelids and crying voice) i don't want the less privileged to break open my car windows, enter my home or take my belongings :(. tell them to ask santaaa :D.

(gee sorry could not help that. in a light hearted mood)

wordjunkie said...

And with those last lines, you left me with an image of myself as Ravana burning....

rain girl said...

"and the less privileged will break open our car windows, enter our homes, take our belongings."

so not agree.
If I've earned money by my own hard work, I don't care how much under privileged anyone else is. God gave them two hands too. No one has the right to do what you said. That amounts to stealing.

rain girl said...

There are other ways of helping them, you know. :)

however, your blog, your say.

Does it matter said...

@ redsoul
Happy Diwali to you too

@ N
But how else can we celebrate unless we shout and announce it to the whole world.
Happy diwali!

@ A
Oh ask Santa huh? That would amount to conversion, would it not??!
But that would be another story..

@ Wordjunkie
All about perspectives. One man's fun is anothers Raavan.

@ Rain girl
And if everyone thought like you, there would not have been any revolutions in the world.. :)
Too bad, but revolutions have happened, and will happen - not everyone likes them, but they do.
And what is terrorism but another form of expression, but of another type. Or the naxal movement.
Other ways of helping them, could be a condescending attitude for some - especially if they have had enough.
Anyway, I think you can rest assured, no one will steal from you, I dont think the country is mature enough for a revolution!

rain girl said...

revolutions don't always "revolutionize', do they? and even their impact isn't always long lasting.

Even MNS thinks it's revolutionizing people...that's what they are doing, invading public, our homes maybe?

Mob is mob. It has no mind. Nothing. Ever read Rhinoceros ?

wordjunkie said...

And has anyone read 'White Tiger'?

Just call me 'A' said...

Oh come on DIM,i think you're looking for controvery where non exist. and the less privileged mentioned in your post did not have a religion! moreover "ask santa" is a figure of speech"
relaxed a little ya.

Does it matter said...

@ raingirl
Revolutions are not necessarily evil - if the American revolution had not happened, the USA would not have been formed. And the French revolution has been linked to the enlightenment.
And i dare say their impacts have been long lasting.
And a revolution could be political, it could also be a social one.
John Milton regarded a revolution as a means of achieving freedom. And so have many others.
And yes, all agree, violence can be a fallout of a revolution. That necessarily does not change the fact that it is still a revolution.

@ wordjunkie
WT - mixed reviews coming in, though no one seems to explicitly criticize (politically incorrect to do so), but seem to give a feeling it is a unidimensionally negative view, meant to reinforce stereotypes.
Though do let us know if you do read it!

@ A
And are not the less privileged the truly liberated, without identities that bind and bog them down..

R said...

Why in India we feel that Wealth is bad and showing it off is vulgar? I remember in one of the columns swati_CA in hindubusiness line conveyed is it ok to celebrate new year yanking in cars when the poor man is walking in the street..

My view is, why you think that the person who is going in car has got his money withut any you know what effort has he put to reach that situation....when i study hard day and night and work hard and got that money..what wrong i have committed in spending that money....wheni was in school, i had only one pair of uniform...though my parents are not poor , they gave a decent living...parents used to say study well then only you eran money and you can be well off unlike us et with such hrad work you come up and if you have money to buy Landcrusier now, is that a problem..yes i am also socially responsible..i contribute to the society say 5 or 10 % of my you know that person who is flashing money is not socially responsible..

except for a few, those who have money have come up in a hard way...

plus only when yu spend money , it gets change when osmeone is lavishly conducting marriage , just encourage them..otherwise all that money wil be in GOld etc..dead investment..atleast by being falshy money goes to the lower starta of people...

We are not living in a perfect society...everybody should get basic facilities..for which the govt is responsible and as a resposnible citizex pay your taxes...hmm

long reply...

ps: i am not a wealthy person...but a normal middle class person...after seeing the hard work of people who have huge money ,i dont carry a opinion, money comes easily to them..

- sunder

Does it matter said...

So it is great you are socially responsible, but it is also a fact that a large majority of our rich people are not.
And it is also a fact that there is social disparity. Rich getting richer, and the poor not getting any better.
In such a situation, if it flares up, there would be 'collateral damage'. After all, in any act of violence, is it not always the innocent who get caught? Where do the actual culprits ever suffer..

Indian Home Maker said...

Some of our riots are about the poor killing other poors, and occasionally some rich.

rain girl said...

you were going so right, almost convinced me..till you quoted John Milton *sigh*

neways, it's your take on revolutions. I'm not against them, but then again...

Does it matter said...

Yes, I agree. The unfortunate part of violence is it is the poor and the innocent that get caught up.
But, I still believe it is, to an extent, collateral damage.
I would rather have a social uprising to clean up the hierarchical, discriminatory setup we have - rather than a nation with religious/ linguistic/ casteist discrimination.

@ raingirl
Oh, and I thought I was being smart quoting Milton. :)
BTW, I am not a fan of his poems, but he did oppose the monarchy.

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