Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Ahead in Life

Getting ahead is such a valued capability/ ability; we have this inculcated into our minds from childhood itself.

So whether it is marks in school, or the first prize in a race, or the winner spot in a reality show, we are always gunning for Number One.

If not first, atleast be in the top 10 percentile, and so on.

And I hate it because of what (I think) it does to our traffic sense.
Because every one is in a big hurry to get ahead - even if we are all going in the same direction. We just want to get ahead of that one vehicle in front of us, and then one more, and then one more.

And we just hate it when someone does the same to us. Especially when someone cuts lanes.

Are we so hung up about winning, and the destination, that we have just completely lost track of the pleasures of the journey ?

I think so. I certainly have.

Only so far as my driving is concerned.

NOT, Life, for sure.
I think..


rain girl said...

agree! people drive so rashly in delhi! :( flouting laws as if it's nothing.. :( it's too disturbing..

Does it matter said...

Delhi yes, but it is not just Delhi.
And it is not just driving..

R said...

I heard people when they are behind steering wheels, display a psychology which is different from their normal ones...

The tendency you have mentioned is common trait all the drivers has..
even a person who is not a go getter will have when he drives..

may be it is the thrill ( a sense of great acheivment?) to change lanes ie cut lanes etc etc..

- sunder

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