Friday, October 17, 2008


Am I vain to keep looking at the number of comments on the posts on my blog ?

Should I be unhappy if no one comments? Or that half the comments are anyway mine.

Or, should it be the karmic philosophy and just get on with it..

Doubts also creep up - when a comment on a blog gets mis-interpreted (or maybe, rightly interpreted - since I was not articulate enough).

If one can land up writing stuff that could land up possibly hurting someone, that one does not know well, but likes nevertheless; does one really have the right to go about writing?

Or should one just shut the trap up?
To avoid those self doubts.
To avoid looking (& feeling like) a jerk.
To just be a better human.


Prakhar said...

Well...I will feel a bit sad ..if no one commented (i guess being human ..thats natural :D)...but I comment only when I feel have to accept when someone dont!

**If one can land up writing stuff that could land up possibly hurting someone**

..sayin sorry will help..i guess!

Does it matter said...

Thanks for commenting.
For visiting my blog, welcome!

Saying, sorry - been there, done that.

But as they say, about an arrow fired & words uttered..

rain girl said...

we all - ok, almost all - there are some demigods scattered around - wait (very eagerly)for comments. And of course it is disappointing to see no comments. but don't think about it too much. you have been here a few days, a attracted a lot of traffic. so, cheers! :)

and if you have genuinely hurt someone, say sorry. though i am sure you didn't mean it. so don't fret, and just be as honest as you are. because once you start thinking about how your words may affect someone, you become cautious, diplomatic - like i sometimes become. don't let that happen to you.

Indian Home Maker said...

1. No. Unless most of us, including I am vain.
2.I would be disappointed :(
3.No comments might mean nothing to add...the readers kind of agreed with what you've written.
4.yes, one can explain it was just a case of mis-articulation, I guess :)
5.We can't please everybody all the time, I write some politically incorrect stuff...some readers don't like it...:(
6.No. Half the fun of blogging is reading all kinds of blogs.

Wrote this long comment without actually reading what you write about! I hope your blog is not a pro-BD/Sangh Parivar/Sarah Palin/MCP blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Gazal said...

its natural to can't help the misinterpretation...

were you refering to my goof up...

btw2 you are tagged...

Does it matter said...

@ rain girl.

Yes, it seems I am human too - now whether that is necessarily a good thing is a matter for another post..

Yes, did say the sorry. And I think at this pt of time, I am being taken at face (post) value. :)

@ home maker
Agree with you on all points,

However, you give me great ideas to write about - I guess my coming posts need to be about the Sangh Parivar/Sarah Palin/how being MCP might not be a bad thing.. ;-)
Though it took me a while to understand what BD stood for (do they even know what they stand for!).
In my industry, we refer to BD as a Business Development role!

@ Gazal
"were you refering to my goof up..." - Nope, not at all.

BTW2 - I am smiling from ear to ear.

Sagarone said...

What can I say, except that all of us here are human!
It is just that some are too lazy (myself included), to comment. But we appreciate your posts. And we show it by visiting your blog regularly.

Does it matter said...

@ sagarone

What can i say, but,
Thank you!