Friday, October 17, 2008

I am a criminal !!!


A simple enough traffic signal violation - not stopping at the yellow, but speeding up instead.
A challan which would take away my license and would need me to spend half a day going to the police station the next day and collecting it.
Bunking office for half a day.
Not sure whether I can drive,when my license is not in my possession.
Suggesting to the cop if a solution could be arrived at.
It COULD be had, it seems.

Yes, for the first time in my life, I have actually committed a legal (not counting moral ones ofcourse) crime.

Selected Practical versus Ideal.


Shruti said...

oh hahaa! Congratulations! :P I'm yet to do something seriously illegal :D

Does it matter said...

Was the crime serious, though?
I (would like to) think not.

But, then, there even larger crimes in life which are not even classified as crimes..
Crimes against a fellow human being. Hurting someone. Not caring. Being rude. And the list goes on..

As long as my conscience is clear regarding these 'crimes', I think I am willing to live with the small tag of having arrived in life technically as a criminal..:-)


gypsy said...

This reminds me of the time we got caught for driving on a way one street. i don’t why i found it so funny that when the traffic guy pulled us over, i was grinning. And of course, i discovered how hypocritical i am – we gave the guy 200 bucks to get us off the hook instead of having to go through the “trauma” of going to the court and paying the fine. Like i say, there is nothing like adversity to bring out the real person in you.

Does it matter said...

@gypsy, Absolutely true.
I too had a different experience from expected - the traffic cop actually was amazingly polite.

And to top it, he returned half the dough I gave him - no over-charging apparently. They too are principled.

Don't know if he or I am the bigger corrupt. But, oh, I am talking cliches again..

rain girl said...

i dunno, but i hate bribes. like really.

we always, always crib about those corrupt politicians taking bribes, being dishonest..well, don't we do that too? if people at the grass root are not principled, how will this country ever be free of the stigma of "most corrupt country?"

you broke the law. you pay for it. simple. we get away with it, so we don't care about the law anymore. our carefree, chalta hai attitude...

Does it matter said...

Yes. And is it not better to take the easier option out and just pay the dough, than be the stupid idealistic idiot that everyone else will laugh at ?

Excuses, yes, I agree.

We do get what we deserve..