Monday, October 20, 2008

The First Tag ..

And when I did get the first tag of my blogging-life, my techno-challenged understanding (& my vain soul) initially led me to think it is someone who has tagged me to follow my blogs for life.

And then, google throws up the truth.. How I hate google.

To repeat the Tag
OBJECTIVE :To let the world know about yet another 5 quirky aspects of thy personality and to TAG another 5 innocent bakras to do the same.

So, Gazal, here goes.

And I have decided to give it a slight twist, in that -
I do not Tag the 5 bakras, but hope whoever reads this, gets Tagged automatically..
(I assume, at least 5 people will. :-) )

1. Getting Jealous at the drop of a hat.

Jealousy is something I probably might have been born with. I have remembered being jealous for years & years now. Is it something that happens because you don't have siblings (so it is always you versus the others?) or because of some inherent character flaw..?

Or is it some gene, that always makes me compare myself with others. I hope its a gene, so someday doctors might find a cure.

2. Walking fast

Why can't I walk slowly - ever!
If I am out for a walk, it has to be a fast one, else it just does not feel right. Ditto for climbing stairs.

3. Getting in touch, just that little bit

I just HAVE to get in touch with that old colleague or classmate in some corner of the world, but I may not take the effort to meet him/her when I am in his/her city; or take the effort to do it even in my own city.

Then why bother getting in touch?
Is it the equivalent of collecting 'scalps' in some odd way?

4. Blogaddiction

Can a year old child be a chain smoker?
Then, how can blogging for a week make one so addicted, that one starts checking mail & blog updates from one's cellphone in the middle of the night?

Or, is it something like the new toy received by a child... Time will tell.

5. Wanting to 'look' good

The amount of time I spent thinking on this last one is not funny. Just that I did not want to use any of the points G already used (cannot be a copy cat, I am original), nor want to just put up something just like that. And after a while, realising that this is nothing different from those extra minutes spent in front of the mirror, especially on a bad hair day...

PS - I just hope this post does not put off the few good folks visiting my site - hey, I am trying to change, promise!

(PS # 2 - I have been trying to change for years now..)

(PS# 3 - Even if I don't/ cannot change, Does it Matter.. Hey, I missed out Ego in my Top 5)


Gazal said...

i deserved the first comment here...

you sound uncannily like me !!!

i just remembered that i too walk fast...too fast at times.

is being jealous an addiction??

thanks for taking up the tag.

bloggadiction...haha just wait and keeps getting worse

gypsy said...

1: Can identify a bit with this. i get jealous when it comes to him. But not with the Compare-myself-with-others thing.

3: i am just your opposite. i have been known to refuse to meet old friends (i mean, when they call up i tell them i don't want to meet them - as bitchy as that!) or keep in touch. Apart from the select few (which on last count was still single digit!).

4. In the middle of the night?? What?! Bad case of blog-addiction, i would say.

5. Can totally not relate to this. i know, for a female to admit this is kinda weird (i am weird, if you really think about it). The only time i look in the mirror when i get ready for work is when i comb my hair just to check i don't have have strands peeping out from my ponytail! Not just the physical aspect. i mean, i feel insulted when somebody tells me i am a nice person because i really want to be percieved as bad!

wordjunkie said...

Hi, followed the link here from your lovely message on my blog , and will faithfully follow the a post.

Does it matter said...

@ Gazal

Yes you deserve the first comment for sure. This post is absolutely, 100%, courtesy YOU!
Being jealous - not an addiction maybe, but it sure is one of the odd things I have noticed in myself..
Actually you know what, sometimes I think walking fast is an offshoot of jealousy as well.. though I would like to embellish it as a competitive streak. But, its like - Why is that person ahead of me.. Don't know for sure, but..

@ Gypsy
- re: "tell them i don't want to meet them", well, it is something similar to what I do - just that it is like, "Sure we will meet up. I will call you" - but I don't.. Same end result for sure.
- Re: "i am a nice person because i really want to be percieved as bad!", absolutely the opposite. I want to be perceived as good, I dont know if its my ego, or a feeling of inadequacy. Devil & the deep sea..

@ Word Junkie
That is great! My next stop is your blog...

Pinku said...

hmmmm....interesting tag...ur answers speak of a lot of honesty ...and i like that... :)

Happy blogaddiction!!!

Gazal's right it will only grow worse so enjoy!!!

Does it matter said...

@ Pinku
So far so good..

nitya said...

I can totally relate to the blogaddiction bit... :-)