Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Dear God,

I confess I have not been a believer, not till yesterday. But now, I am, and beg for Your forgiveness.

Take me into Your fold, and grant me Your blessings.

I agree, I am doing this for a selfish motive. But then, You are the all-powerful, omniscient authority, and I know You will forgive me my trespasses.

As You would also know, I have been trying, and trying hard, to get rid of my pimples. But the expensive creams, the exotic treatments, the exclusive skin clinics, have all failed me.

And I want to get married.

So God, in order to let me have a happy married life, please, please get rid of these pimples for me.

Because, God, the Courts of India have decided - it is not allowed to be pimply and married, all at once.

Oh, when, You ask? Just yesterday, God, just yesterday.

I know, its not a decision you made. But the Courts of India have made it. And now, there is nothing even You can do about it.

At best, God, you may decide if the Court judgement applies only to women, or also to men.

Help me!

Yours sincerely,

Edited for Disclaimer:!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

Posting this post does not imply that I have pimples, am unmarried, wish to/ do not wish to get married; nor does this post, in any way, indicate my sex - current or preferred.


Pinku said...


I am not God so cant help you get rid of the pimples but do have a suggestion would it help to marry someone who also suffers from pimples? that way you will be helping each other and also not feel inferior ever and have someone point fingers at you and say ..."Pimply kahi ka"

Does it matter said...
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Does it matter said...

Oh, but then we are creating one more of the divisions that Indian society is so famous for!

Gujaratis marry Gujaratis, Marathis marry Marathis, Hindus marry Hindus, Sunnis marry Sunnis, Brahmins marry Brahmins...

And now, presto:
Pimplys marry Pimplys.

In fact this might be the solution to the Indian problem. You see even if 2 Pimplys marry, it is not guaranteed that their offspring also be Pimply (I know, genes do play a role, but..). So they cannot stand up ever and say:
Nahiiin, Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti..


Sagarone said...

But then should Reema, being a 'pimply' person, be allowed to work as a teacher, I wonder.......
Excellent post.

Does it matter said...

@ Sagarone

Oh, but we have a solution for that as well.

We can have upto 15% reservation for Pimply staff for all government posts. Pimply Children of Pimply Parents are guaranteed jobs on their retirement.

Oh we have done it all; been there, done that.

R said...

I never found Pimple strange..does anyone gets rejected because she has got Pimples?

Has the media created pimple is bad ? to sell products in the first place..

Like your title of the blog - I think that i think - so , i think that i am - the media and the public has created such a wrong image that those who are having pimples think low of themselves....

like my 6 year old daughter after seeing hannah montana etc etc thinks that one has to be fair and beautiful...at 6 she says she is getting depressed with her looks sometimes..hmm

may be you can take a vote answered by men - do they reject because of pimples...

well i married a woman who has got pimples and still she has..and it never entered in my mind that pimples is something bad?

Oh my colleagues, anyway we are going to suffer after marriage - so whats the big deal...hmm
- sunder

Does it matter said...

@ Sunder
"Does anyone get rejected for having pimples" - well, this lady in the article, sure did. Hope there aren't any more.
But, now that there is legal precedence set by the Hon. Courts, well, lets wait n watch.

And regarding "suffer after marriage", the question is - who amongst the two suffers more!

And it must be really scary hearing these messages being picked up at the ripe age of 6!
Maybe we need more movies like Shrek!


R said...

Gosh- i did not read the article...height of stupidty..no words to express..

well, no doubt both are sufferers in marriage...

Similiar to pimple my story was....though i had mentioned that i am suffering from red-green def syndrome, a sort of colour blind to everyone i saw before the woman i married...somehow it slipped to convey to my wife when i saw her first..she told later , had i known before i would not have married you ...may be she has forgotten the option of divorce..anyway since we are blessed with daughter , this generation v r out of colour blind...

How do we know said...

ha ha ha! My dear, i think the man's problem was not with the pimples, but with the non disclosure. Just make sure he sees u without makeup on lots of premarriage dates.

arshat.chaudhary said...

fantastic! u actually came up with the post with a news article as an inspiration!
Went thru ur other posts.. loved them.. this is classical blogging..

Indian Home Maker said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope this girl finds happiness, with or without a husband.
I agree with the comment above, that media has created this terror of pimples, dark skin and dandruff.

N said...

oh my god is that for real! what the heck is this country coming to and who are these "educated" judges who pass such rulings! i cant even begun to comprehend this.

good post though. interesting and to the the point.

rain girl said...

shit, like holy shit!
is the court mad????

a disease, my foot...
all thanks to those stupid companies who have to sell their products, so make a big deal out of pimples, dandruff and body odor. what yaar, it's human o have all this.

bloody hell!

oh, btw, congratulations. you have been blog rolled. "Lady luck smiles on chosen few."

Does it matter said...

@ R
Glad to hear things have worked out fine :)

@ arshat
Thanks for visiting!

@ howdoweknow
Here, it was probably about non-disclosure, yes. But, what if she had suffered from this after marriage? Or, hypothetically, something worse had to happen, a disability..
Whatever happened to "for better or for worse" ?

Yes, true. And the industry has to sell its products. But it is society that laps it up. Which is the cause and which the effect, I wonder.

@ N
Valid point you raise. These 'judges' are part of our society, and they obviously use their value systems and beliefs to make their judgements. The issue really is about our people, our society.. Beauty and the traditional definitions thereof have been so deeply ingrained into our people,it is so tough to get out of it..

@ raingirl
I'm honoured, thank you

Just call me 'A' said...

I'm appalled at some of the decisions courts grant out. what next? moles?

Does it matter said...

@ A
Quite possible !

Cool Cancerian said...

Divorce due to pimples?!! The man could not even wait to have the woman treated??!! I wonder what the expectations would have been if it had been the other way round??!

The people who are actually rejoicing will be the companies marketing those magical pimple-erasing creams and lotions right now. This is like a shot in the arm for them!! They can come out with more of those stupid regressive ads and mint more money.

Does it matter said...

@Cool Cancerian

"wonder what the expectations would have been if it had been the other way round"
Need we even wonder.. Hypocrisy & double-standards, the 2 hallmarks of the middle class. Forget expectations, I am sure even the court ruling would have been different.

Deeps said...

Amen!May your wish be granted..will put in a word as I'm a firm believer!!..
Got through to your blogsite after seeing your comment in mine.
Great going,DIM..look forward to reading more of your posts.

Does it matter said...

@ Deeps
Thank you, and Welcome to the blog!