Friday, November 21, 2008



When India won the World Cup.

When ABBA broke up.

And when The Police topped the music charts.

So, is it about Love or is it about Stalking?

Take it whichever way, but can you stop humming it after you hear it ??!!

I can't.

Every Breath You Take


Ajit said...

One more to the list:
The year I was born :P

Meira said...

When I started reading the post...I decided to comment...and observed that Ajit had a similar idea:D

Remember Billy Joel's We din't start the fire? Though it arrived six years later.

Does it matter said...

@ Ajit, Meira
Seems 1983 WAS a momentous year for sure!

@ Meira
Yes, and the fire is still burning..!

nitya said...

D, the song made my day!So many years later, it still sounds so good and better than everything I hear today.
I guess I am getting old!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOOOOve the song :)

But it dose sound exactly like what a stalker would sing :)

Does it matter said...

@ Nitya
Or maybe, it IS better than anything we get to hear these days (?)


Oh but it was apparently written as a stalking song.. Seems when it got played at weddings, Sting said "All the best to them"!

Google for it, quite some opinions on the WWW - some even claiming it refers to Big Brother watching over you (dont know if that had anything to do with 1984 being round the corner!!)

Think of it, is not stalking nothing but (obsessive) love thats crossed the line.

But yes, the lyrics/song has an amazing feel, after 25 years too.

rain girl said...

I was also born then.. :P