Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bombay Builders, Australian Cricketers

The builders are finding it tough going. The real estate market is in a slump, no one is buying any more. The inventory is building up, and there is a severe liquidity crisis. (Developers in a bind) They are unable to raise fresh funds from the stock market ; the bankers are refusing to lend to them, and the stock prices have crashed like crazy. Builders are having to borrow money from money-sharks at upto 35% interest rates.

And yet, is it not odd that I do NOT feel sorry for them, not one bit.

Just like I have no sad feelings for the Aussie Cricketers, reeling from a 2-0 loss in the Test series against India - the highest margin after losing to the West Indies in the '80s.

To the contrary, I am gloating - waiting for some more bad news, & more trouble for both of them. I would not mind seeing them go down in the dumps.

Yes, maybe I am evil.

But, just maybe, will the Bombay Builders & Aussie Cricketers stop and think whether this reaction has anything to do with some of their acts over the years:

- Builders have been flouting the law of the land, many times influencing politicians to change the law for their greed. (Builders-Politicians lobby for CRZ restrictions removal)
- That the Builders and Politicians have choked up Mumbai to such a great extent that it caused the floods that wreaked so much havoc on its citizens. (Why Mumbai Choked)
- That Builders even took over the last remaining open spaces of the city, somehow even 'managed' to get the Supreme Court around to their point of view. (Builders to take over Mill Lands, Win in Supreme Court).
- Realty Prices have been manipulated to only keep increasing, and prevented from coming down, due to Builders forming a lobby (with very deep pockets). (Property fair, but the prices are unfair)

The Australian cricketers, on the other hands have been extremely arrogant. They have been rude, ill mannered, extremely cruel (remember asking Graham Thorpe going through a tough time with his personal life, who his wife was sleeping with that night) and generally arrogant a***holes. The team invented the terms 'Mind-Games' & 'Sledging'. When the mighty West Indians went down, one felt sorry for the gentlemen. But, not for these folks, No Way!

Will these jerks ever introspect why, in their times of difficulties, there are fewer people commiserating with them, & more people enjoying their troubles.

And hoping for more.

Enjoy, folks.
It is not all dull and gloom in these economic meltdown days..


N said...

i fully agree! u had me nodding my head as i read ur post!

Does it matter said...

@ N

Glad to hear someone agrees !