Friday, November 14, 2008

Now what is this?

And just when one thought one understood the man and what he stood for, comes this piece of news.

80 temples demolished

So what does he really stand for?

Hindutva or Development?

How often does one see a politician willing to take these decisions?

And regrettably I do not see most politicians today having the conviction to follow the rules, if the decision has (even a remotely) religious angle to it. Not even our secular parties.

Man of Contradicitions?


rain girl said...

i am all for development. We have enough temples already. what we need is better roads and more schools and hospitals.

as far as Modi is concerned, you can never be sure about a politician.

Indian Home Maker said...

You have been tagged :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Man of many parts. Clarity of purpose predominates. Will get the job done, while others look for votes and notes in it!

Indian Home Maker said...

I think he realizes that whatever could be achieved with Hindutva has been achieved, and now he is being admired (i.e. more votes) for Development, hence first Tata and now this.

Thaali ka baigan?

Just call me 'A' said...

ahhhh more demolitions, more riots, more communal clashes and there will still be more politics and politician doing the same thing again and again. we seems to go in a vicious circle...when there is a need to look ahead. you would think that a country like India that has produces some of the worlds best brains would come up with a better way to deal with cities and development. where are all the project planners. all US of Ass bound?

N said...

im going to go with rain girl on this one. with Modi you just never know.

Does it matter said...

@ raingirl
So true, we do need better infrastructure and the rest. Yup, he is a politician, end of the day!

@ Vinod
At this point of time yes. If only he had shown a different sense of purpose some years ago.. Is this now a question of too little, too late?

Maybe. But is this 'new' avatar necessarily a bad thing? I would rather have a communally tainted leader do some actual work, without trace of corruption, than some inept, corrupt, inefficient leader mouthing secular slogans. Or maybe that is a wrong approach?

@ A
Unlikely re the riots. If a hindutva leader demolishes temples, there is unlikely to be any major backlash. Maybe thats the reason why the secular parties dont venture this direction.

@ N
Yes, you never know. Like his own behaviour, he seems to bring out the contradicitions within me as well! I dislike his divisive history, and admire his sense of purpose & zero-corruption record.

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