Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The ECB, ICC and BCCI - Breaking News!


The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has lodged an official complaint against the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) with the International Cricket Council (ICC) today.

Apparently the BCCI has come out with a notification making it compulsory for any team that wishes to tour India to play cricket matches to have atleast 80% of the team with local origin players only. This implies that in the current team of England, they will need to discard atleast 2 out of 4 of their current players - K Pietersen, O Shah, S Patel, R Bopara - being of South African and Indian origin.

ECB has tried arguing with the BCCI that these folks are contributing equally and better than the 'original' British inhabitants - in fact they are better. ECB has also indicated that if there are future natives that perform better than these current players, they will definitely be selected - since the selection system is based on pure cricketing merit. They have also complained to the ICC that by doing this, BCCI is deliberately weakening their team, and the ECB team will no longer remain competitive in the world cricket arena.

But the BCCI is having nothing of it. Also, because of its clout in the cricket arena, the ICC is quite unlikely to have the strength to stand upto the BCCI. The cricketing world is fearing that this might mean the end of merit in the cricket world.

PS - Aha, this was just a joke. Nothing like this has happened, rest assured!

Something like this just happened in the political world, though.

Maharashtra reserves 80% jobs for locals.

And Mr Deshmukh (and the Congress) join ranks with the MNS & the BJP in the brand of (divisive) politics they believe in.

This joke, too, is on us.


Indian Home Maker said...

Okay fine, in Maharashtra anybody living there for last 15 years is to be considered a 'local'. It lokos like they want to show how Raj Thakre got the locals their reservation.
He would have won the elections, with or without any such publicity.

Does it matter said...


Putting in the 15 years clause does not make things any different - it remains discriminatory. It also continues to target the North Indians and others, who have arrived in the state after 1993.

Why even have a single country then? This is all just a big sham. Tomorrow, we are going to see similar notifications coming up in different states, one after the other.

Yes, and the Congress seems to determined to prove they are more MNS-ish than the MNS itself.

D said...

Nice take on the issue.

Indian Home Maker said...

You are right. It is ridiculous, and now we'll find people giving contracts, instead of permanent job .... will this apply to all jobs? And what will become of the cosmopolitan culture here? And will Maharashtrians who want to work outside be given fifteen percent less jobs?

rain girl said...

i hate cricket.

Does it matter said...

@ D
Thank u.

I think it still does not to a majority of jobs, but how long? How long before such a demand starts, and how long before companies start moving to Gujarat & other places?

@ rain girl
And I hate politicians. I guess that makes 2 of us?!

Vinod_Sharma said...

It is time to re-define the meaning of the word "communal". Every party is playing the sordid game.

Narayan Rane is now a 'secular' Congress leader; Raj Thackeray's cry for Maharashtrians is 'secular'; 80% reservations for locals is 'secular'. Beating up of North Indians is also now equally 'secular'!

There is little integrity left in the political landscape.

sunder said...

Good Joke....

wish that 80% reservation is also a joke..

Sagarone said...

If you ask me, any type of reservation is inherently discriminatory in nature. Except a train reservation, I never make a journey on the Indian Railways without an advance reservation. :)

Does it matter said...

@ Vinod
Yes, all the current organised political parties are playing the divisive card. I guess the only solution is a group of like-minded individuals that comes together and grows, locality by locality, region by region.. it needs to be a ground up movement - if ever it happens.

@ sunder
If wishes were horses..

@ sagarone
Absolutely! You remind me of a train journey a while ago. A reserved ticket from Surat/ Bharuch I think, to A'bad, but when one enters the compartment there is no place to even walk. No ticket checker either, even he cannot enter - there were so many people, reservations itself was a joke. I guess our political circus is an equally chaotic place!

sunder said...

Your comment reminded me , my past....are you talking about karnavati exp? oh yes..that is the only train which can take people quickly to baroda or ahdm ffrom surat / bharuch na...since it is a day express , the only think is u shud get a exp ticket..but still u find season ticket holders...sometimes the ticket counter is so crowded, we just get in without buying a ticket also...
by the way dont try to get into paschim or any other nite exp...hmm

sunder said...

by the way, reservation is for only seat, which we dont disturb...we only stand....you should see how the vendors move in that crwod...

I miss bharuch peanuts..send me some if you are living there..

Does it matter said...

@ Sunder
Maybe not Karnavati. If I rememember right, it might hv been some other long distance train. Prob due to the timing issue.

If you stay in Mumbai, Bharuch peanuts are available in a lot of shops easily :)

umm oviya said...

i took it seriously!!!!!! and was wondering what the hell bcci was doing :) i wasn't even surprised that they'd do something like this.

Does it matter said...

@ Umm Oviya
Yes, it would have been so much better if it had been in sports and not politics..