Monday, November 24, 2008

Iss Route Ki Sabhi Line-ein Vyast Hai ..

Thankfully not - atleast as far as my phone lines are concerned - though there have been more-than-normal instances of Call Dropping due to congestion on my cellphone network.


It has more to do with one's mind, congested with thoughts and (self) doubts.

And yes, it is not just about vanity.

It is about fundamental doubts about blogging, why at all. Is it just about keeping on speaking, opening up, and therefore, in a way, sharing a part of oneself?

And trying to convince the world of opinions, which, obviously need not always be accepted, or at times, even tolerated as valid opinions.

And similarly, the ability of oneself to accept/ assimilate/ understand other points of views, at times diametrically opposite one's own. Maybe this ability just does not exist within me.

Which then, raises a question on the futility of the entire exercise.

Unable to convince others; & unable to change one's own views either.

So why write (& read)? Why waste your own and others' time?

I do not have the answer. I do need to contemplate, and to find an answer (if and) before I write again.

Maybe I will have some answers.

Or maybe I will not?!

(This is probably my last post - I do not know. To all visitors who have frequented this blog, a heartfelt Thank You! It was immensely gratifying having you on my blog, & commenting - reference my post Vanity!

Ah, I do need to stop now- before I start delivering my Oscar acceptance speech)



wordjunkie said...

Hey, D. I wait for your blog posts everyday, and am already upset at the thought of not reading you anymore...:(
So, yes it matters that you keep writing..

sunder said...

Any day real world is better then virtual..

well it is like a train can keep quiet or you can talk to others..may be blogging is like that, in this journey of our life..

not necessarily one tries to change the opinion of others or vice versa...

i could get lot of information on various subjects through it books, music or any other things..which i would not have come across..

as a human being we are curious about what happenning in others provides an opportunity..

Wish you good luck for your future, if we dont happen to see you here..

Vinod_Sharma said...

DIM, you forgot the possibility of giving joy to those who think like you! They get to know that they are not alone. Then there are those who hazily think like you but are not clear their minds. Is that not good enough? Anything more is bonus.

God has not bee able to convince every one. That is we all have small parts of Him and all think we are the only ones who've got Him. Even God can't convince us otherwise!!

nitya said...

D, I hope u change your mind about not writing. I come by often and your posts make me pause and wonder. Thank you for the good reading.

Indian Home Maker said...

I love your posts and the discussions they started, the heated discussions!
Although we disagreed on one odd issue, and agreed on plenty others, I do hope you don't stop blogging :(

"I do not have the answer. I do need to contemplate, and to find an answer (if and) before I write again." Then write what you contemplate... what conclusions you make or don't make :)

I also agree with Vinod Sharma on this, it is possible sometimes to just be there as a support for like minded people.

Just call me 'A' said...

DIM, i'm here after a long time and this is not what i want to see :(. you CAN'T stop writing.

of course if u don't like writing anymore then i guess it's fine but if u still like writing you should not stop. write if you enjoy writing. everything else is a byproduct.

See it's the same as reading books, magazine, watching tv, hearing people speak. we don't always agree with what everyone says but that does not mean we stop talking to people or reading books. agreeing and disagreeing is the beauty of the written and spoken word.

take a break if you must but come back....soon.

rain girl said...

oh no no really are DIM!!!
after a really long time, i started liking a blog..and now you just shut shop! pray why?

see, it's great to bounce ideas and thoughts...share them with like-minded people.... and end of the is a blog.. there are things we do for our pleasure... not for a reason.. i have almost ten blogs..if i thought like you.... *god*

rain girl said...

now i will start crying... *reaches for some tissues*..... :(


who will tell me the news now?

Meira said...

Its about understanding
a) Why do we blog? Is it to share info n joy OR because we like writing OR simply because we want a space on blogosphere.
b)Misunderstandings will occur. We cannot and do not want to cater to every reader's ideas.
c) So what if I say 'X' and you say 'Y'.I don't need to convince you as long as I am convinced...and who knows...maybe you can add a new perspective to my idea?
D)Its never a waste of time. Every piece you read is a product of imagination, talent, and effort. Which are never a waste. May not be your style, true, but never waste.
Look may find something you like.

There are people who like what you write .:)
Take care.

N said...

nooooooooo! really? im praying so hard that u change ur mind. tell me what we gotto do to help with that?

i think we use our blogs sometimes to share the fun aspects of our life, the serious aspects or at times the upsetting ones. a lot of us cant write as well as u do but we still like to write not to persuade others of our thoughts or coz we think others want to know about us....we write to share.

Deeps said...

DIM, for me blogging is just venting myself out.Its a mini-diary for me to scribble about certain things that happen in and around my world.
I agree with Vinod Sharma.There may be people who could identify with what you have to say.It is a worthy medium of sharing your thoughts. So go on,dont curb yourself.
You have been there in my bloglist for a while now.I would certainly not want to delete a name out of it.I look forward to reading your posts like so many try and keep it that way.
If you still have your doubts after reading all the above comments,wish you all the luck for future.

Does it matter said...

@ wordjunkie
Thank you, and appreciate your words, sincerely. Immensely flattering.

@ Sunder
True, blogs do give us a lot of information, and more importantly, opinions. It is the opinions and views that affect us so..

@ Vinod
Ah, that is such an interesting thought you have provided. Even God not being able to convince everyone, so what are we.. Ofcourse, it could also be explained by an atheistic philosophy (but that is another topic!)..

@ Nitya
Thank you, it is ofcourse visitors and opinions that make a blog live. What use is a good (or bad) blog if no one cares to read it?

Your blog posts are probably what got me into serious blogging in the first place. And it was definitely *not* our discussion on that, one, topic that has gotten me thinking. Actually it was a different dialogue on another blog altogether - where one comment by another blogger was what I found apt:
"Know what, you seemed pretty vocal when you talked of affirmative action and all that above. So why dont we youngsters jump outta our cozy chairs and take a hike down politics? And please, if blogging (leave alone commenting on one) helped, no Indian would be hungry or unhappy!"

And kind of got me in my introspective mood.

@ A
Yes, I agree that disagreeing is a part of everyday life as well. Only, should one avoid doing it when avoidable, or not.. Reading books or Watching TV is different isnt it, since we really are only taking it in -- debating a book review, might, ofcourse classify as similar..

@ raingirl
Thanks for liking the blog. I suppose, with yr 10 blogs, it is the blogging-world-equivalent of your wealth being appreciated by Bill Gates! And do not cry.. Since that is the last thing one would have wanted to achieve!!

@ Meira
Your points B & C are true. Ah, your logic is impeccable (and unarguable!). Thanks

@ N
Yes, we do want to share, irrespective of whether we want to influence or not.. Re: "tell me what we gotto do to help with that?", ah, you did it already

@ Deeps
That is nice, thank you. I will keep the good luck, irrespective!

@ All

A sincere thank you for making one feel nice & important. (Confession: I feel lousy & selfish too, at the same time..)

On a serious note, okay, I have taken all your messages, and I do get the perspective. Yes, I need to change my perspective, and I will definitely try to.

One promise that I can make is - even if the frequency of blog-posts reduces, I will continue blogging.

** Trying to look unconcerned, but actually waiting for a loud round of applause **

(Yes, I HAVE been told, modesty isn't my strong point)

And, to prove that blogging will continue, comes my next post, but a very short and unoriginal one - just to let you know what I have been humming recently.

Meira said...

cheers to a fellow blogger :)
Its ok to feel selfish once in a while...its your baby, anyways :)
Take care