Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Violence of All Kinds - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

While generally not of violent disposition, this news item on the BBC did warm my heart.
India sinks Somali pirate ship

So also did the following news item, which I suppose is the second apology from the Congress, coming after Manmohan Singh's. Admirable & courageous statement, condemning the violence, coming as it does after his father made the outrageous "large tree" comment.
Operation Bluestar, a tragedy: Rahul Gandhi

The last piece of news is, but of course, the "Ugly".
Gloss off Indian economy at top corporate forum
Where is the Violence here: why else would they call it a bloodbath?


rain girl said...


you always make me think....

hmmmmmmmm.. *goes away, pondering*

Does it matter said...

@ rain girl
Ah, I think I *do* know what you are thinking..(again)
At the risk of being repetitive (and megalomaniac), may I say, "does it matter" ?!

Vinod_Sharma said...

nicely classified!

Indian Home Maker said...

I remember Khushwant Singh's article (With Malice towards one and all) asking Rajeev Gandhi to do the same so many years ago! Why do our politicians think they are above accountability? I am really glad Rahul Gandhi has openly acknowledged it was wrong, they must make these 'statements', the right kind of statements ... instead half the time we hear them spouting unbelievable nonsense. Like this running to the rescue of terror suspects!
I think education and exposure matter. We have such complexes, we refuse to learn from those who know better (the notorious 'West')about running a Democracy! This makes me, once again envy the Americans :(
Well done Rahul Gandhi! Modi's turn now.

Indian Home Maker said...

I missed the other two!

Indian Navy has done us proud :)

I love the market lingo, stocks buzzing stocks flying, spiraling, then markets plummeting, bears beating the bulls, bloodbath, markets touching rock bottom, ... LOL :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Rahul Gandhi has taken all of 24 years to say it, when the statement has become meaningless. When things were hot and needed the healing touch, Rajiv and Sonia kept mum and he took the first flight out of India to safety. And came back only well after terrorism had been crushed, thanks to KPS Gill and Beant Singh.

wordjunkie said...

I have to agree with Vinod.. and I'm cynical, why now after all these years?

Ajit said...

@"does it matter"
Great Article.... It is good that RG has come out with the truth.... even if it took so long...

I have no doubts that Modi is never going to come out with the truth..... :)

Indian Home Maker said...

@Word junkie It could be just a vote earning gimmick, but with MM Singh as a PM the gimmick was aready done.

Also consider, Rahul Gandhi was nowhere on the scene when his 'dynasty' was playing these political games (still at it with Raj Thakre) but now that he is here, whatever else he does, he is trying to make a start.

I think we need some fresh people, younger politicians, preferably educated and well traveled (like Gandhi,Nehru, Ambedkar who had lived/ studied/ traveled abroad)- a whole bunch of young people who come from mixed religious backgrounds and who make statements that bring us all together, young people who do not 'wear their religion on their sleeve' ... yep, I think Rahul Gandhi is mouthing the right 'platitudes' :)

@Ajit I agree! I saw this video of Devil's Advocate, where he leaves the interview, fuming, when Karan Thapar asked him if he regretted what happened!

Okay this is my next post!

Sagarone said...

You do make one think...........:)
Nice post.

Trailblazer said...

Gandhi's statements are admirable. And I hope he can improve the nature of politics. But he needs to rise above his surname first and foremost.

How do we know said...

i agree..nicely classified. The apology, tho.. too little, too late. :-) but its something.

Does it matter said...

@ Vinod, Wordjunkie
Yes, maybe it is a little too late - but do I think it is better than not saying anything at all - yes. If not doing it in the first place scores 100, apologising immediately probably scores 50, and apologising so late scores 10 - but it is still better than Zero! (my apologies for an inane example!!)

Yes, I agree Modi also could do with an apology. If he could tone down his belligerence, and be a little more considerate, he would make a lot better leader than most leaders in politics today. He is efficient and he is not corrupt. Apart from Manmohan Singh (who is honest, but not necessarily efficient), which other politician can we say that for..
I have not seen the interview, but read the transcript with KT, and I discount it completely. Karan Thapar is an irritating pest that tries to get under the skin of the interviewee, and he clearly brought out the worst in Modi. Another (decent) interviewer and another day, and I would like to see what happens.

@ Ajit
Yes, late is better than never. Re Modi, dont be too sure - I think he might too. Let us wait n watch..

@ Sagarone

@ trailblazer
"he needs to rise above his surname first and foremost" - well, thats a burden he will carry all his life.. :)

@ How do we know
Yes, I completely agree with you.

Red Soul said...

uff. sad state. what can we do? [im really looking for an answer/explanation] :)

Meira said...

Cliched...but you DO manage to track some great articles!

Does it matter said...

@ Redsoul
If only I were into politics - I would have had the right answer (Vote for me!). Since I am not..

Though, if you are really keen on the debate part, head over to IHM's blog!

@ Meira
Thanks. Though I suppose it also implies I am reasonably unoriginal