Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can you not do your job instead?

Yes Sir.

The writer's bug has struck you, & I do, do understand.

But, the city & the state badly need good governance, Sir.

And, you need to control the divisive forces threatening our city, you need to manage the mad Mumbai traffic, you need to create good roads, you need to prevent flooding, you need to generate more electricity, you need to reduce poverty levels, you need to control the builder lobby, you need to ensure affordable housing, you need to generate more jobs, you need to manage the inflation & recession, you need to manage communalism, you need to reduce corruption, and, you need to do everything else I have forgotten to list down.

Doing all this, at the same time, you will also continue to attend all the film award ceremonies and song-and-dance functions, with a smile - as you always do.

So, could you please postpone your writing up until then, Sir?.

Can you please do your job, Sir?



Pinku said...

great!!! but if they dare bare all..i dont mind reading what they have to say ;)

Sagarone said...

Good one, would he consider swapping jobs with either you or me? He can be my ghost-writer and I wouldn't mind being his ghost-CM. On a serious note though, most probably what he intends to write WIll be ghost-written.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Sagarone, nice one. And if I may add, "just like his state, which is ghost-run from Delhi!'

Does-it-matter: congratulations on this fine start. The promise is there. All the best

Does it matter said...

@ pinku
Yes, dirty linen..! Unlikely that the complete truth will ever come out.

@ Sagarone
Ghost CM, or maybe the famous 'Remote Control'!! Yes, most of it would prob be ghost written..

@ Vinod
Welcome here and thank you.

Meira said...

What if we all sign a petition and send it to him? Will it help?:D

Does it matter said...

@ meira
I guess anything that could get some real work done, is worth it!

N said...

why! why! why must everyone write? why cant they instead just read? read this post for instance. would be much more useful that way.

Does it matter said...

@ N

Actually you give a diff perspective! Writing is probably his fundamental right, isnt it..

And he is keen to exercise his right, duties can wait


Just call me 'A' said...

hmmm another politician turn writer oooppss i mean another politician caught the writing bug. now, if only they were writers...maybe just maybe that thinking power would have given them the needed grey matter to do their primary job better.

now i wonder..is this the ground work for larger things to come? (read a script for budding actor son?)

Does it matter said...

@ A
Ha ha. Maybe true, the budding actor son has been budding for years now.. I suspect he is being tolerated since/ as long as Papa occupies the big chair of Mumbai...