Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My City

Isn't it lovely

Worth fighting over

Worth living for

And killing for

Worth branding with -
my religion,
my caste,
my language,
my colour,
my sex,
my authority

So that, to the next generation, I can hand over my Legacy..

My politics of division
My ability to classify every human as one or the other type
My hatred
My jealousy
My statues
And Roads, named after me, my father, my family, my dog
My ability to turn a group into a mob
To stop people thinking
To control their minds.

My legacy of vote-banks,
Mastering how to milk them
This generation
And my children will do it, the next.

Oh is not this city lovely
That it lets me be free
Free to do what I want
And pass on my legacy



N said...

yet another powerful post. i wish the so called leaders of our country could read this.......
sometimes, my 5 year old niece has questions that make me think. she'll catch something on the news about riots, buses burning, garbage dumps on the side of the road. even the security at the malls,etc makes her ask why they r doing that, what they r looking for,etc. its so difficult to explain to her that this is her reality - what she has to live with.

Sagarone said...

The combination of pictures and words convey a powerful message...........

Trailblazer said...

Well penned. I completely understand and sympathize.

rain girl said...

as usual, no answers..for powerful questions...

why don't you get this poem published somewhere? (like newspaper) won't help much...but still...

and as usual you remind of someone strongly..i suspect, i worry... are you him? or not?

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

someone wrote something that i didn't expect.

gr8 stuff man..

Just call me 'A' said...

hey DIM, nice pics. like the contrast. powerful and poignant.

Does it matter said...

@ N
True, and kids do have this habit of asking uncomfortable questions, even about perfectly comfortable topics. Here, the topic is uncomfortable as well..

@ Sagarone, Trailblazer, V, A
Thank you

@ raingirl
Ah, but will I get appreciative readers anywhere but here? I doubt!
Thanks, though!
Re: 'Remind you of someone' - seriously though, how can you even be sure I am a 'he'.. !
As I say, Does it matter?!!

Cool Cancerian said...

Well expressed message.

Does it matter said...

@ cool Cancerian
Thank you, and welcome to the blog!

Indian Home Maker said...

Wow!!! I wish a lot of people could read and understand this. Shocking contrast in the first two pictures, made the words even more powerful.

Anrosh said...

is this near hiranandani complex near powai

Does it matter said...

Yes, it is amazing the 2 sides of this city co-exist so peacefully, I mean its a recipe for potential disaster, the rich getting richer and the poor poorer..

@ Anrosh
Yes, it is Hiranandani, the second one is Dharavi.